lördag 3 september 2011

Im going out with some friends to a brunch.
mocha shorts from HM
Necklece from HM
top - Monki
Shoes - balenciaga

see u soon
// M

have 2 have

// M

fredag 2 september 2011

torsdag 1 september 2011

Hej! Varken jag eller N har uppdaterat bloggen på ett tag, men det har verkligen varit andra saker som har kommit i vägen!
Men vi är tillbaka nu:))

Neither I or Nanna have uptaded this blog for I while. Sorry. But it has been lot's of things in the way.
But we are back on trackkk
be happy.


Me and my mother were invited to fashion show at NK, It was the Fall collection and It was lot of fur and missoni.
Veronica maggio sang after the show and she was amazing!!

Dress from zara
Shoes from zara

///// Maaarrianaaaaa

lördag 28 maj 2011


This picture is taken by http://www.carolinesmode.com/stockholmstreetstyle/
I don´t really have a reason to post it, but in some way it just feels simply inspirational.

Maria Nilsdotter

These amazing things are from a brand called Maria Nilsdotter.

The little claw-ring is my absolute favourite. It´s yours for approximately 4000 kr. Ouch.

fredag 27 maj 2011


Vintage is the shit.

Hi, again.
This is one of the most beautiful shirts in the whole world.(true)
It's from a vintage shop in New York.
 I can´t remember the price but I don´t remember it beeing that expansive.


torsdag 26 maj 2011

Can´t decide

Yesterday I ran around with a little tail hanging from my ear.
Please tell me, does it actually look cute in some way or just strange?


onsdag 25 maj 2011


Boots: Hunter
Pants: Acne
Blouse: Marc Jacobs
Leather jacket: Zara
Bracelet: H&M
Sunglasses: The Local Firm



Stella Mccartneys SS11: Citrus Delight collection.
You can see this dress on the cover of swedish ELLE and also Plaza.
It´s not a easy pattern to wear but it looks so cute. I think the "citrus pattern" is going to be big next year.

799 sek
126 us


The best magazine ever. No doubt.


Madeleine B

Molly M

Elsa B
Last week Beckmans school of art and design, hosted a fashion show at Berns. The graduating students of 2011 got to show their work. The show was a collaboration with MIKA´s Stockholm and Loreal Paris.


Probably the most beautiful thing I´ve ever laid my eyes on.


This is my favorite pair.
They are from Tory Burch, and they are very comfortable.
 Which is very important for high heels.